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3 hours <3 

im finally starting to be able to work from guard, and i can finally feel like i can put up a fight (: . There is a guy in one of the classes who is bigger than me, and used to grind on me and destroy me. Well i decided to push myself more for jiu jitsu, and now im the one grinding on him and winning ((((: TRAINING IS FINALLY PAYING OFF <3 

Oh, and i love teaching jiu jitsu ((: 

I want to open my own academy when i get older, and work farther towards my blue belt this year (:

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So tonight i had a 10 minute jiu jitsu match. in which i almost threw up.

my muscles gave out almost towards the end. XD we couldnt tap each other. it was so painful, but i learned so much grappling with someone so strong. 

and right after i finished my coach put me in another match. i had to call it a draw halfway through, because my muscles wouldnt listen and i was getting close to puking and/or passing out :P 

id say tonight was good training. 

Going to Karate and Jiu Jitsu

doubling up on training tonight (: already ran a mile about 20 minutes ago.

After i finished up training for 2 hours coming back home, studying for my APUSH test tomorrow which im going to fail none the less, and hopefully running another few miles :3

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Ahh Jiu Jitsu…

did an hour of jiu jitsu tonight (:

one of my best friends broke his wrist last class grappling :( but hes gonna be able to come back in about 6 weeks to 2 months tho so im excited for his recovery (((: he says he misses class already haha. 

now coming home and doing 40 minutes of insanity then finishing AP US History homework then hopefully ill have enough time for tv or drawing (: 

OH! and i asked my instructor if i could come to the guys adult class for extra training and he said normally he doesnt allow girls but if i find a training partner thats a girl he will let me and i already found one sooooo now i get hopefully get in some extra hours of training each week<3 

and working on getting my next belt in karate within the next few months so i hope i can get that too ((((: <3 

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ah jealousy.

i get to train jiu jitsu for 2 hours a week, and i try to train more by going to the smaller kids classes to help teach and such. Then everyone else seems to be able to train like 6 or 7 hours a week. so jealous i wish i could train everyday :(

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my gosh i love jiu jitsu, and it pairs nicely with karate which im now taking (: I feel like my spectrum is filling in with ground work and badass karate slicing moves :P

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Heading off to jiu jitsu (: so excited :D

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And thus the training begins…

so i went to my jiu jitsu seminar yesterday and im pretty sore today. and yesterday i guess you could say got my motive back up for training as hard as my body will let me. im still trying to lose weight, but losing it the healthy way is tough, but so worth it. im not really focussing on losing pounds as i am just getting leaner and building muscle. i really want smaller thighs, so if i get that then im find no matter what the number is on the scale (: anyways! as it stands im in jiu jitsu twice a week, karate twice a week and doing insanity workout the other days to fill in the gap. sundays i relax and just kind of have a sugar day. idk why im sharing this. just felt compelled to do so (: if your in my position and just really dont like your body, then dont give up and keep striving for your goal :D and have fun with it. even if i was completely happy with my weight, id still do just as much activity as i do just because i love every second of it. 

well that was a long rant.