2 years ago on 17 March 2012 @ 6:10am
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Jiu Jitsu practice today C:

Heading up to see the other half of my kickass team :D

this is going to be brutal.

well, normally not AS brutal, but, you see…. i went to a boxing boot camp last night and now am having trouble using my legs XD . its like standing on two noodles. so today will be brutal. :P

2 years ago on 28 January 2012 @ 8:02pm + 7 notes
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Had a jiu jitsu tournament today

okay so first off I had to fight in four brackets against grown men, advanced teenagers, and people from my own dojo.

(it was a team tournament because half of our team is in virginia) 

kay so i had to go 9 matches. I won 2, lost by points on 5, and got tapped on 2. I think i did pretty damn well considering these people all were pretty much bigger than me and I was one of two girls of the mens and older teenage guys brackets. 


I won my first match 26points to 3 points XD and then my other match i won by a guillotine choke from closed guard. 

My two matches I got tapped in were armbars that got my bad arm (metal plates in it so the bicep crush effect happens and hurts a butt ton) 

I defended a total of 10 arm bars successfully and ALMOST MADE IT TO THE SEMIFINALS BUT THE PERSON I WAS AGAINST WON BY A STUPID ADVANTAGE ASDFL;ADFLKA;LFKAD;L. so instead of moving to the semi finals (like i should have) i got immediately put against a 210 pounds 15 year old and they didnt even let me rest but for about 20 seconds and he got 20 minutes of rest ;A;

i only lost by points though…. overall it was a damn good day.

i freaking love fighting so much.

15 bruises so far on my left leg and left arm alone and a torn off toe nail on my left foot.

boo ya.

Jiu Jitsu team practice = SUCCESS.

i was on fire today. no joke i won 90% of my matches

and MOST of them were judo ! 

I HAVE CONQUERED MY FEAR OF THE DEADLY JUDOOO~ i was throwing single legs and body drops like you wouldnt believe.

i even almost beat the guy who always lays me flat on the mat every time i grappled him. THE ONLY REASON was he threw a last second arm bar and my bad arm couldnt take the defense bicep crush pressure >_> 

i aint even mad. it was amazing. 

2 years ago on 12 January 2012 @ 9:53pm + 31 notes
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Jiu Jitsu Rant.

Alright so as a lot of you know (or may not) I like to help teach the kids jiu jitsu class after my own class (ranges from 6 years old to about 13) okay? okay.

Well this one kid ALWAYS mouths off to EVERYONE. (he is extremely disrespectful and does not care about the martial art at all and is basically in it because he doesnt shut up at school and his mom makes him take it) 

ANYHOO. We did this game in my class and this calss as well where we have 3 judo matches going on and the first pair to be taken down (to raise our aggression) got to dish out 20 push ups on one of the other losing teams. LOL of course i was second every time, and everyone likes to play with and target me so i racked up 60 push ups XD (which i did :3) 

anyway. this kid always gives everyone crap in every class so of COURSE he gets 60 push ups as well. on top of that he told some kid to kiss his ass so my instructor gave him an extra 10 :3 . well this kid first of all did only 7/10 for his punishment and i came up to him and made him finish the other 3 because i counted off to the side :3

well, i was in charge of making sure he got his shit done. And it was just *10 push ups and stop* “man i HATE this dojo and the people and people at school give me so much crap all the time” all i would say back is “43 left. 32 left. stop talking and get it done i dont want to hear your mouth.” well he kept mouthing off and “oh my god” “crap” “this place sucks” FINALLY. i had had ENOUGHH. I dont care who you are, but NO ONE. i repeat nO ONE disrespects a dojo. NEVER. my response? 

"Listen Cameron, Shut up. I don’t want to hear about your stupid pity party because no one in here frankly gives a rip. I go through crap everyday JUST like you do and so does everyone else in here. It’s not a mystery of life for people to be jerks got it? So cut the pity party, leave your personal life at home, and get the darn push ups done. Also, I had the SAME amount you did and I did them. So dont act all immature because you think they ‘target you’ because I am targeted JUST AS MUCH, but not for the reasons you are because I don’t constantly run my mouth about how great you think you might be. Now you have 10 left to go and I am not moving until you do them." 

Well, he gave me the most disgusting look ever, but he did them :3 (he ended up getting 60 more in the end and refused to do them so I let my instructor handle him) 

least to say. Dont. ever. disrespect. my dojo. ever. I may be nice but dammit i take this stuff seriously. 

the end :3

2 years ago on 12 January 2012 @ 9:45pm
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be ready for this. i was pissssssed.

2 years ago on 5 January 2012 @ 8:22pm + 8 notes
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I’m not dead I promise ._.

I’ve just been a lazy butt since break started XD 

Tonight was awesome ! I did 2 hours of jiu jitsu, got in a good 15 matches, and took an arrow a knee to the face :D

Got a bit swimmy headed, but my judo game is getting better ! and im conquering my fear of judo as well :3

i have a tournament this month and another one in march so here we come intense training !

2 years ago on 25 October 2011 @ 8:29pm + 27 notes
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I got so mad tonight.

This kid in my jiu jitsu class i help teach is SO disrespectful towards our dojo, our instructor, me, and the martial arts itself. He’s the kid who is forced by his parents into jiu jitsu because he wont shut his mouth at school so he gets beaten up and starts fights. Well lets just say tonight I put this kid in his place. He’s about 3 years younger than I am. 

You disrespect our dojo and jiu jitsu, I’ll stomp all over your manly pride. After 8 matches with this kid I think he figured out I have been going easy on him for the past 3 months. 

dont ever disrespect what i love. ever.

2 years ago on 22 October 2011 @ 5:36pm + 12 notes
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ADULT. BLUE BELT. omg i dont think anyone can be more excited than i am right now. i literally screamed in the car like a little child. i wasnt expecting this AT. ALL. oh my gosh. this is just like. my dream come true. and now i get to work even harder to get better for my stripes (: AHHHHHHH

3 years ago on 20 October 2011 @ 9:55pm + 11 notes
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Yet another jiu jitsu post.

i wish i could express my passion for BJJ but words cannot even describe how much i am in love with this martial art. I owe my health to BJJ. I was a lazy middle schooler with no goals or dreams who got bullied and didnt care about her self image or anything. I started BJJ and i found something to strive for and obtain. You cant just be lazy at home and expect to get good. I have worked my ASS off training separately with cardio and strength workouts. I found self confidence when I was at rock bottom. I want to train to become the best. I will prove how great I can be, and I would NEVER have that mentality if it was not for BJJ. I grappled as hard as I can, and I get hurt. a lot. I would not change anything about what I’ve gone through. 

All I can say is I love fighting. I love Jiu Jitsu. I have come face to face with my fears of getting hurt, hurting others, falling, losing, giving up, quitting, failing. Yes my dream is to become a black belt, but belt color does not mean that much to me. I just want to train and fight and learn and love what I do because every second of grappling and training is something I know i could do every second of every day. I’m going to look back at my life and be proud of being a martial artist, and being proud of choosing this as my life instead of sitting around wasting it away. I owe so much to Jiu Jitsu. you have no idea my gratitude and love for my instructors , peers , and my passion for this sport.

3 years ago on 20 October 2011 @ 8:23pm + 64 notes
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Jiu Jitsu

kay so tonight and last week were different XD 

no wait. tonight and this tuesday my bad. this TUESDAY we were grappling and i have in earrings (still cant take them out and i mean like. i LITERALLY cannot get them out of my ear i need pliars ) i was grappled and someones gi basically got stuck on my earring and cut into my ear and it was bleeding everywhere and blah blah. didnt hurt too bad just looked weird. ANYWAYS. my earring was literally bent into an L shape. pretty rad right? 

today i was grappling my friend and we got into this kind of scramble to our knees and i was on top trying to get an underhook and he was on his side coming up. wel i was going to swing my arm back and get bonus head control but he sat his head up and dang it if i didnt elbow him straight on in the eye. i popped a blood vessel in his eye and everything. so sorry david D:

OH and i got a nice comment tonight. i pulled my rival into my guard and he commented that my legs were like vipers and i had hella strong legs. i was like secretly “YES RUNNING IS PAING OFF THANK YOU LORD” it was awesome XD

3 years ago on 15 October 2011 @ 12:53pm + 9 notes
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Jiu Jitsu team scrimmage

doooood. we did this tournament base set up and i ended up competing for 1st in my bracket. Of course its against this one guy who is this amazing BJJ guy, and im scared to go up against him. But i told myself i was NOT going to get tapped out. If he won he won, but he was going to win by points. not by pulling some stupid choke like he always does.

HE WON BY POINTS. I DID NOT GET TAPPED OUT. I FREAKING PULLED OFF A 3 MINUTE MATCH WITH HIM. i even almost got the takedown :D i flipped him when he tried to take me and i got in dogfight and he got hooks in, but he didnt choke me ! 


Oh, and i had to do this with stupid earrings in because i got them pierced like…. almost two weeks ago and i cannot get them out. i need like freaking pliers to get these things out. so my ears ended up bleeding everywhere but dont care. so worth it. 

omg i love jiu jitsu. 

now for step two: convince mother to let me take wrestling. 


3 years ago on 7 October 2011 @ 11:47pm + 2 notes
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Rib cage is sore from being slammed on the mat

and i got some bruises on my legs, but thats pretty much how training should go. the last thing i want is for the guys to go easy on me. amazing matches, amazing partners, amazing progress. Last night was one of my best training nights in a longggg time. 

3 years ago on 6 October 2011 @ 9:14pm + 18 notes
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3 hours <3 

im finally starting to be able to work from guard, and i can finally feel like i can put up a fight (: . There is a guy in one of the classes who is bigger than me, and used to grind on me and destroy me. Well i decided to push myself more for jiu jitsu, and now im the one grinding on him and winning ((((: TRAINING IS FINALLY PAYING OFF <3 

Oh, and i love teaching jiu jitsu ((: 

I want to open my own academy when i get older, and work farther towards my blue belt this year (:

3 years ago on 24 September 2011 @ 12:53pm + 7 notes
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That was an epic jiu jitsu team practice.

we decided to do war which is two giant teams against each other in a free for all. You can have 2 against 1 if that is what it comes down to. 

Okay so my team is at a disadvantage in the beginning , because we have the smaller people on our team, and more of the newer kids. Well, gotta make the best out of it so we just go for it.

Im cruel in this game so i go after the little kids first and then help out the bigger kids by sneaking in rear naked chokes :D 

Well, doesn’t exactly work, because it ends up being me and david against 6 kids. GREAT.

Well david gets tapped out by the biggest kid in the war game and its me against 2 orange belts and 3 little kids that know what they’re doing. 

I have two kids trying to get me in an armbar at the same time so im laying there holding on for dear life while the big kid is trying to choke me and the other kid has my legs.

I held on for about 30 seconds then the coach yelled TIME and i ended up not losing so we ended up in a tie :D 

So there we go. My war story (:

My goodness i love jiu jitsu <3

3 years ago on 22 September 2011 @ 9:47pm + 19 notes
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I don’t care if you’re a guy and I’m a girl. I don’t care if you’re natural strength sky rockets once you hit puberty, and my strength starts to dwindle at puberty. I’ll work harder, I’ll train longer, I’ll push myself as much as I need to to close that gap even in the slightest bit. You train 1 hour, I train 4. If that what it takes. I will never give up. Jiu Jitsu is my passion.