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Jiu Jitsu Rant.

Alright so as a lot of you know (or may not) I like to help teach the kids jiu jitsu class after my own class (ranges from 6 years old to about 13) okay? okay.

Well this one kid ALWAYS mouths off to EVERYONE. (he is extremely disrespectful and does not care about the martial art at all and is basically in it because he doesnt shut up at school and his mom makes him take it) 

ANYHOO. We did this game in my class and this calss as well where we have 3 judo matches going on and the first pair to be taken down (to raise our aggression) got to dish out 20 push ups on one of the other losing teams. LOL of course i was second every time, and everyone likes to play with and target me so i racked up 60 push ups XD (which i did :3) 

anyway. this kid always gives everyone crap in every class so of COURSE he gets 60 push ups as well. on top of that he told some kid to kiss his ass so my instructor gave him an extra 10 :3 . well this kid first of all did only 7/10 for his punishment and i came up to him and made him finish the other 3 because i counted off to the side :3

well, i was in charge of making sure he got his shit done. And it was just *10 push ups and stop* “man i HATE this dojo and the people and people at school give me so much crap all the time” all i would say back is “43 left. 32 left. stop talking and get it done i dont want to hear your mouth.” well he kept mouthing off and “oh my god” “crap” “this place sucks” FINALLY. i had had ENOUGHH. I dont care who you are, but NO ONE. i repeat nO ONE disrespects a dojo. NEVER. my response? 

"Listen Cameron, Shut up. I don’t want to hear about your stupid pity party because no one in here frankly gives a rip. I go through crap everyday JUST like you do and so does everyone else in here. It’s not a mystery of life for people to be jerks got it? So cut the pity party, leave your personal life at home, and get the darn push ups done. Also, I had the SAME amount you did and I did them. So dont act all immature because you think they ‘target you’ because I am targeted JUST AS MUCH, but not for the reasons you are because I don’t constantly run my mouth about how great you think you might be. Now you have 10 left to go and I am not moving until you do them." 

Well, he gave me the most disgusting look ever, but he did them :3 (he ended up getting 60 more in the end and refused to do them so I let my instructor handle him) 

least to say. Dont. ever. disrespect. my dojo. ever. I may be nice but dammit i take this stuff seriously. 

the end :3