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Had a jiu jitsu tournament today

okay so first off I had to fight in four brackets against grown men, advanced teenagers, and people from my own dojo.

(it was a team tournament because half of our team is in virginia) 

kay so i had to go 9 matches. I won 2, lost by points on 5, and got tapped on 2. I think i did pretty damn well considering these people all were pretty much bigger than me and I was one of two girls of the mens and older teenage guys brackets. 


I won my first match 26points to 3 points XD and then my other match i won by a guillotine choke from closed guard. 

My two matches I got tapped in were armbars that got my bad arm (metal plates in it so the bicep crush effect happens and hurts a butt ton) 

I defended a total of 10 arm bars successfully and ALMOST MADE IT TO THE SEMIFINALS BUT THE PERSON I WAS AGAINST WON BY A STUPID ADVANTAGE ASDFL;ADFLKA;LFKAD;L. so instead of moving to the semi finals (like i should have) i got immediately put against a 210 pounds 15 year old and they didnt even let me rest but for about 20 seconds and he got 20 minutes of rest ;A;

i only lost by points though…. overall it was a damn good day.

i freaking love fighting so much.

15 bruises so far on my left leg and left arm alone and a torn off toe nail on my left foot.

boo ya.

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I’m not dead I promise ._.

I’ve just been a lazy butt since break started XD 

Tonight was awesome ! I did 2 hours of jiu jitsu, got in a good 15 matches, and took an arrow a knee to the face :D

Got a bit swimmy headed, but my judo game is getting better ! and im conquering my fear of judo as well :3

i have a tournament this month and another one in march so here we come intense training !

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ADULT. BLUE BELT. omg i dont think anyone can be more excited than i am right now. i literally screamed in the car like a little child. i wasnt expecting this AT. ALL. oh my gosh. this is just like. my dream come true. and now i get to work even harder to get better for my stripes (: AHHHHHHH

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Yet another jiu jitsu post.

i wish i could express my passion for BJJ but words cannot even describe how much i am in love with this martial art. I owe my health to BJJ. I was a lazy middle schooler with no goals or dreams who got bullied and didnt care about her self image or anything. I started BJJ and i found something to strive for and obtain. You cant just be lazy at home and expect to get good. I have worked my ASS off training separately with cardio and strength workouts. I found self confidence when I was at rock bottom. I want to train to become the best. I will prove how great I can be, and I would NEVER have that mentality if it was not for BJJ. I grappled as hard as I can, and I get hurt. a lot. I would not change anything about what I’ve gone through. 

All I can say is I love fighting. I love Jiu Jitsu. I have come face to face with my fears of getting hurt, hurting others, falling, losing, giving up, quitting, failing. Yes my dream is to become a black belt, but belt color does not mean that much to me. I just want to train and fight and learn and love what I do because every second of grappling and training is something I know i could do every second of every day. I’m going to look back at my life and be proud of being a martial artist, and being proud of choosing this as my life instead of sitting around wasting it away. I owe so much to Jiu Jitsu. you have no idea my gratitude and love for my instructors , peers , and my passion for this sport.

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Jiu Jitsu team scrimmage

doooood. we did this tournament base set up and i ended up competing for 1st in my bracket. Of course its against this one guy who is this amazing BJJ guy, and im scared to go up against him. But i told myself i was NOT going to get tapped out. If he won he won, but he was going to win by points. not by pulling some stupid choke like he always does.

HE WON BY POINTS. I DID NOT GET TAPPED OUT. I FREAKING PULLED OFF A 3 MINUTE MATCH WITH HIM. i even almost got the takedown :D i flipped him when he tried to take me and i got in dogfight and he got hooks in, but he didnt choke me ! 


Oh, and i had to do this with stupid earrings in because i got them pierced like…. almost two weeks ago and i cannot get them out. i need like freaking pliers to get these things out. so my ears ended up bleeding everywhere but dont care. so worth it. 

omg i love jiu jitsu. 

now for step two: convince mother to let me take wrestling.